To move means action! Real life footage, complete with typography and ideally accompanied by a story is how I imagine a fabulous video. I could not believe how video making is time consuming so you can see below mostly short shots from different places around our beautiful planet. But I may come with a stunning movie later!

Video from Strahov

Brief presentation

Short videos created for my own pleasure.

Time to Taste Chocolate (25 s) - Oct 2014, Czechia
Share a Wish (2 m 39 s) - May 2014, Mexico
The Story of Belize (15 s) - Jan 2014, Belice
Little Ninja (23 s) - Feb 2012, South Korea
V mlze maloměsta (56 s) - Oct 2011, South Korea
The Violin Movie (25 s) - Oct 2011, South Korea

My inspiration

Short, clear, interesting.

Now You're Cooking - Strawberry Granita

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