Poster-like photography

A picture is worth a thousand words. Photographs can tell stories and highlight beautiful moments. Black and white shots hold an incredible charm for me. I cannot resist playing with typography and in combination with photographs I try to create posters that communicate an idea to people.

Traduciendo la página en aquel AirBnB (2018)
All we need (2014)
La dulcería de Génesis (2014)
Amor y colores (2014)
El rancho en Malinalco (2014)
Dědova kočka (2014)
Mi hermano mexicano (2014)
Tvořivé ruce (2014)
Food Report (2014)
Dotted Secret (2015)
Designblok Poster (2014)
Christmas Fireworks (2015)
Strahovská zima (2016)

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